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Spring 2016 Wuliang Single Trees

  • Ancient trees of Yi Cang Village, Wuliang Mountain
  • Picked in Spring 2016
  • Processed in Yicang Wuhao tea factory
  • Pressed into 200g pu-erh tea cakes

Li Chen Zhong is a good frend of ours, each Spring, he supervises his family production in a village of Wuliang Mountain; the rest of the time, you can find him hanging in his tea shop, in the wholesale tea market of Puer City.

In Spring 2016, he decided to pick the biggest trees of his ancient tea gardens separately from the rest of the harvest. He released an exclusive 50kg production, using the same wrappers as his main cake series, with only a red stamp added on them.

This tea is not enjoyed for its fragrance, what matters here is clean mouthfeel, thicker than the usual Wuliang tea, and followed by an intense Huigan and Chaqi. It's a tea for the throat and the body, aimed at the most hardcore Pu-erh lovers. As far as Wuliang tea goes, this is a very unusual one, whose power can compare with more sought-after terroirs. It is on the sweet side, but carries a soft punch, much in the way Yiwu tea does.