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Spring 2017 Jingmai Miyun

  • 40-year-old natural tea garden leaves from the top of Jingmai Mountain
  • Picked from mid March to mid-April 2017
  • Hand-processed in our tea factory
  • Pressed into 100g and 357g pu-erh tea cakes

Miyun is our classic Jingmai tea cake. In 2017, we sourced tea from different natural tea gardens located on Jingmai Mountain which all belong to our family. Most of these gardens are located on the western edge of Jingmai Plateau. They are moderately shaded and grow in sandy soils, which limits water and nutrients retention and is beneficial to tea quality. The tea gardens haven't been fertilized nor sprayed with insecticide since 2010.

The kill-green process by hand in a wok, we used almost the same parameters as last year for this production. Though the final result feels a bit redder as of May 2017. The tea soup is a clear bright yellow.

The tea has a complex vegetal and spicy fragrance that can be found both in the bottom of the cup and in the tea soup. The thickness is decent, though in no way comparable to our Jingmai Gulan. Bitterness is low, astringency is moderate. This makes a well-rounded everyday tea that has the typical features of Jingmai Mountain.