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Spring 2017 Nannuo Shan

  • Ancient tea gardens from Banpo old village, Nannuo Mountain, big and small trees picked together.
  • Picked in late-April 2017
  • Processed by Da Fa in Banpo Laozhai
  • Available in 357g pu-erh tea cakes

We've known Da Fa since 2012 and often recommend hin to our wholesale customers in China. He started his tea factory in 2010, just like Yubai did in Jingmai. We've exchanged a lot of knowledge and were always interested in his productions. This year was the right time to share his productions outside China. He operates a tea factory in Banpo Laozhai, the most visited village on Nannuo Mountain because of the extensive areas of ancient tea gardens it hosts.

This tea shows its full potential from the first brew, it coats the mouth at the first sip on the sweetness won't leave you until long after the session. Nannuo Shan teas tend to be straightforward and feature good complexity in the mouth, this one is a good example of it. The fragrance is fruity and the body is thick. Bitterness is present, along with a light astringency. The session feels very dynamic and the taste changes a lot throughout the session. Huigan doesn't come as early as in Jingmai teas, you have to wait for a couple of brews to get that refreshing feel in the throat. It's a tea mostly enjoyed for its persistant fragrance and active mouthfeel, it gives way to very interesting sessions.