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Spring 2017 Seo Pen Yellow Flakes

  • Forested tea gardens, Seo Pen Village, Phongsaly, Laos
  • Yellow Flakes sorted from the Spring 2017 Pu-erh tea production
  • Hand-processed in Seo Pen Village
  • Pressed into 330g cakes in the village

During our trip in Northern Laos in May 2018, we met a lot of tea farmers and held several training sessions for them. They showed us their yellow flakes: leaves that were too mature at the time of harvest and couldn't get cooked properly during the kill-green process. These leaves stand out from the rest by their aspect: they have a much greener color and have a coarser aspect.

Yellow flakes are typically not as powerful as properly processed leaves, and their aspect is detrimental to the overall look of the tea. Yellow flakes are typically sorted out of the tea after processing. Despite their lack of power, they make for a very sweet tea, that usually features a toned down version of the proper tea. They can be brewed many times and can be brewed in a large mug, or gongfu style for a casual session.

Some farmers in Phongsaly area didn't have buyers for those yellow flakes. They were pressed them into cakes by the farmers, using rudimentary equipment. Due to the lack of technique and accurate tools, you can expect these cakes to be uneven. The weight of the cakes varies between 330 and 370g.

This tea has a very good sweetness, typical of the area. This is equivalent to what you could get in Yiwu mountain, minus the polish and the high price tag. The large leaves are very brewable and release their heavy sweetness and decent chaqi over fifteen infusions. No bitterness and very low astringency, this is a very calming tea, suitable as a daily drinker or for evening sessions.