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Spring 2017 Xiao Hu Sai

Ancient tea gardens of Xiao Hu Sai, Mengku

Aged at high altitude in the factory

A touch of wisdom, elegant, refined and balanced


We found this tea during our Mengku trip. The high altitude (1700m) and dry climate of the region allow the farmers to age the tea themselves. Xiao Hu Sai has the largest ancient tea gardens of Mengku area and a distinct tasting profile.

You will notice the medium bitterness, whose young vivacity has turned into a refined experience over the years. The fragrance is understated in the cup and creeps sneakily from your throat after a few cups. Medium thickness and sweetness make this tea a classic pu-erh tea experience, halfway between the strong Menghai teas and the softer Yiwu leaves.


xiao hu sai pu-erh tea