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Spring 2018 Jingmai He Huan

  • He Huan ancient tea garden, Jingmai Mountain
  • Picked in early April 2018
  • Hand-processed in our tea factory
  • Pressed into 100g cakes

He Huan is a lovely ancient garden located on a hill above the village. This is the eastern end of the Da Ping Zhang ancient tea forest. Unlike most of the park, this garden grows on steep ground. Yubai's uncle has a part of this garden and we managed to get his leaves at the peak of the Spring season. The teas kept as loose leaves for six months, we then pressed it into 100g cakes.

The tea features an oily and active mouthfeel. The tea leaves your mouth with heavy sweetness and flowery fragrance. The tea has a good upfront bite, medium bitterness is present and remains just long enough for you to notice it. This is a fairly aggressive tea, not because of high bitterness and astringency, but because it feels active and dynamic in the mouth. You will notice a mineral tone as well, which makes you want for another cup. The tea can be brewed over fifteen times and performs well during the long end-of-session steepings.