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Spring 2019 Jingmai Sun-Dried Black -- Short oxidation

  • Natural Tea Gardens from the top of Jingmai Mountain
  • Picked on March 2019
  • Processed in our tea factory
  • Loose leaf Yunnan sun-dried black tea


This tea is an experimental batch part our of research in black tea processing. We collected the fresh leaves in the late afternoon, we laid them in thin layers on our withering mats and let them loose some of their water overnight. On the second day, it wasn't until after lunch that the leaves had withered enough not to break down during rolling. We wanted to make a sun-dried tea and the tea had to dry on that day, we were running late...

We went on with a one hour of tight rolling, they came out really juicy and without much breakage. But it was already two o'clock, we needed to have the tea oxidized at least two hours before sunset. Therefore, we went for a short oxidation at high temperature, we piled the leaves in a covered bamboo basket put them in the greenhouse, under the strong sun of this clear day. The enzymatic activity is accelerated at high temperature and the leaves had turned to a satisfying red after only two hours of oxidation. At four o'clock, we unpiled the leaves and spread them thinly on a large piece of cloth, they eventually managed to dry under the setting Sun.


As far as black tea goes, these leaves can be considered lightly oxidized. The tea soup feels very vivid and has an interesting depth in the mouth. The fragrance is complex and keeps coming out as the session goes.