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Spring 2018 Matai Black

  • Above 50-year-old natural tea gardens, 1 bud/3 leaves from Matai Xiang, Lincang county
  • Picked in Late March 2018
  • Processed by Mrs. Pu Jin Jing in her Matai tea factory
  • Loose leaf Yunnan black tea

This tea is a classic on our website, we've worked with Mrs Pu Jin Jing since 2012 and the quality of her teas has been consistently high. She operates a small tea factory in Matai, located in Lincang area, not far from the more famous Bangdong and Xigui.

This year, the black matai is sweet, malty, flowery and has a good depth. It is an excellent daily Yunnan black tea, brewed gongfu style or in a mug.