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Spring 2018 Purple Black Tea

  • Zijuan varietal from a plantation in Mang Zhong village, Menglian County
  • Picked in May 2018
  • Processed in the Yunnan Dianhong style
  • Loose leaf black tea

This tea comes from Menglian County, about 40km North West of Jingmai as the crow flies. Mangzhong is a Dai village located close to the county city, at an elevation of 1000m. The plantations were established in the early 2000's around the village.

This tea comes from the Zijuan varietal, also known as purple tea. It is a cultivar selected for the high amount of anthocyanins in the tea leaves, which give the leaves its purple color. Such mutation can appear naturally in the usual assamica varietal of Yunnan, and is also more prevalent in some wild tea species.

Apart from its unusual leaf aspect, the zijuan cultivar features a very special fruity aroma, which comes out very well when the leaves are allowed to oxidize. This black tea displays this cultivar's fragrance, and is therefore quite different from the typical Yunnan Dianhong made of seed-propagated Assamica. This tea has a low bitterness and a good amount of sweetness. The mouthfeel is light and not very deep, but it is an enjoyable tea overall that anybody can enjoy. It's worth a try at least for the fragrance!