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Spring 2022 Ba Da Ye Single Tree

Zhenyuan county, single tree production

Creamy mouthfeel, very soft, good Huigan and Cha Qi


Back in 2022, we bought a couple of single tree harvests from Luo Kai Yin. These trees were harvested at the border between Jinggu and Zhenyuan. We released one of them as a single tree production and blended the other ones into a cake.

While rearranging our warehouse, we found a box of another single tree we had somehow taken aside. What a great surprise! We now have 4kg of great material, coming from a single tree, ready to sell on the website.


The tea has aged very well and is in some aspects even better than before. The mouthfeel is silky, typical of good Jinggu/Zhenyuan material. No bitterness, low astringency. The Cha Qi creeps up as the session goes and a sweet aftertaste lingers in the throat.