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Spring 2022 Jingmai Gushu Sun-dried Black

An upgraded black tea experience

Mouthfeel over fragrance

Relaxing body feel, good stamina

Made in our factory, with ancient garden leaves.


This black tea was made in our farm at the end of the Spring 2022 harvest, while the weather was still clear. The strong sun allowed us to dry the leaves shortly after the rolling, we only let them oxidize for 20 minutes.

tea leaves oxidising


As a result, the leaves are not totally red, we achieved a good balance between acidity and bitterness on this batch, you can consider it a medium oxidation level.

The core enjoyment of this tea is the mouthfeel. The soup will travel through your mouth, tickling each of your taste buds and leaving a trail of sweetness in its wake.
yunnan black tea

Using ancient tea garden material for our sun-dried black does seem to improve the thickness and the overall profile of the tea. It is mainly down to earth and straightforward, but will display a subtle layer of luxury over the session.

This tea will keep you entertained for over a dozen brews and gives a relaxing body feel over the session.


Here are a few tips on how to brew it perfectly: