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Spring 2023 Ao Ne Me

Old gardens from Ailao Mountain, Ao Ne Me village.

Unique fresh tasting profile, great body feel


This tea is highly fragrance, you can feel the trees grow at high altitude, it tastes like a forest covered in moss just after the rain, and this is actually the kind of landscape it grows near. Slight smoky notes. The soup feels brothy and refreshing. And yet, taste is not the main selling point of this tea.

It would be fairly unremarkable if it weren't for the amazing body feel this tea provides. If you are sensitive to Cha Qi, you will feel in heaven after a couple of brews.


We met Wang Qing Cong in Spring 2018, and we've sourced tea from Ao Ne Me regularly since that time. It truly is a unique tea experience.


Here is an interview with the producer: