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Autumn 2023 Cang Yuan

Autumn 2023

Old tea garden material, Pa Pai village, Cangyuan county, Lincang

Light profile, great fragrance


This tea is an outlier in our collection. We usually favor mouthfeel over fragrance, but this lesser known area has something special to offer.

The tea has a complex fragrance: warm, flowery and reminding of fine incense. The texture is light and flows down the throat smoothly. It is not a soft nor an aggressive tea, it lies on a different dimension. You will find hints of smoke in the cup, which complete elegantly the overall profile. Despite its light mouthfeel, the Cha Qi feels good, it is light but not weak. Great tea if you're looking to extend your understanding of Pu-erh tea.


We haven't visited the area, it is located is a remote county at the border with Myanmar, in the far west of Lincang county.