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Spring 2023 Hekai single trees

Early Spring 2023, Man Nong village, big trees from the ancient tea garden

Loose leaf Pu-erh tea

Soft and powerful with a good mouth-coating effect



This tea is made of the three biggest trees growing in Na Duo's ancient tea gardens. She picked them separately from the main harvest, we stored the mao cha in Pu'er City for six months before releasing it.

It offers a deeper experience than the Hekai cake. You will get a better Huigan and Chaqi. The tea soup coats the mouth early in the session. The fragrance feels more muted but also more complex and leathery. The tea is playful on the tongue with just the right amount of bitterness. Overall, it is a suitable tea to explore the difference between younger and older trees, all else being equal. 

To learn more about Hekai area, you can check this video: