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Spring 2023 Jinggu Single Tree pack

Try nine trees from the same garden, harvested and processed individually

Jinggu, Tang Fang Liang Zi area

Generally soft character, Yiwu-like, each tree has a distinct profile


Mr Dong, our tea provider in Tang Fang Liang Zi sent us boxes of tea. We shouldn't miss on such a good harvest, so we're buying more tea than usual this year.


With the boxes of standard old garden tea came a large pouch filled with nine plastic bags. Each of the bag has about 1kg of tea. This was single tree teas, each of them harvested and processed separately. We would usually blend such a tea, but it was time to experiment.

We brewed each of them in a small gaiwan and had a large side by side tasting. The results are interesting for the tea enthusiast. It was the first time I had the opportunity to taste the variation between different trees of a single garden. Now, the opportunity is yours.

At the time of tasting, I found three of the teas were of subpar quality, three of them displayed an average taste, and three of them were outstandingly good. Will you find the same result?

Each sample is numbered, feel free to discuss the result of your tastings on our Discord server.