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Spring 2023 Jinggu single trees

Spring 2023, Tang Fang Liang Zi, Jinggu

Blend of big trees

Smooth and powerful, like a good Yiwu tea


Along with the regular harvest from Tang Fang Liang Zi, Mr Dong sent us nine large tea trees, picked and processed individually. We released a sample pack of these trees so that you can experience the diversity you can find in a tea garden.

As expected, the tree didn't give the same amount of leaves, and we had a lot of leftover after making the sample packs. We decided to blend the remaining leaves and press a couple of cakes. The result is a soft tea with good fragrance, it is has good endurance and will give you a soothing buzz over the session. 

The tea overall feels more complex than any of the trees tasted individually, which supports our previous findings, single tree teas taste better when blended together.