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Spring 2023 Naka small trees


Natural tea gardens from Naka village, Mengsong, Menghai

A unique mix of fragrance and bitterness


Naka is the most renowned village in Northern Menghai. The Mengsong mountain range produces particularly fragrant tea and offers a unique kind of bitterness.


We visited Naka in Winter 2023 and met a new tea producer. We opted to buy his remaining Spring production of small trees. The high altitude of the area gives a nice high-pitched fragrance to the tea. The particular feature of this terroir is the bitterness, which is unlike any other in the Pu-erh tea world. It strikes on the upper part of the mouth and vanishes quickly, but still leaves light tingles over the session. Naka is the most famous village of this area because it tends to offer a thicker soup than the other places.


Overall, this is a well-balanced tea, the perfect mix of softness and aggressiveness.


To learn more about this area, you can watch a replay of this livestream: