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Spring 2023 Nannuo


Spring 2023, First flush, Ancient tea gardens of Banpo Lao Zhai

A classic Menghai experience

Well-rounded strong tea

Medium bitterness and astringency, restrained fragrance that comes our in the back of the mouth.


The 2023 vintage of this tea is well-balanced, it has everything you'd look for in a good Menghai tea: understated fragrance, short-lived bitterness followed by sweetness, good minerality and moderately deep aftertaste. It is a solid choice for aging or to get an introduction to the general Menghai taste.

Nannuo Mountain


This mountain has been popular early on during the puerh tea boom because it sits right between Jinghong and Menghai, it is one of the most accessible mountains in Xishuangbanna.

nannuo mountain localization

Nannuo is not a large mountain, you can visit it on foot in a couple of hours, but it is densely packed with both ancient tea gardens and more recently established natural tea gardens.

nannuo mountain close up

The tea from Nannuo displays the classical Menghai taste: moderate bitterness and astringency, a mineral characteristic that seizes the tongue at the first cup, and a good aftertaste, with plenty of cooling effect in the throat.


We've worked with Da Fa since 2017, he has consistently delivered good tea from his gardens, located in Ban Po Old Village. This is the most prestigious village of the mountain due to its relatively large ancient tea gardens which give a strong tea.

da fa in his tea garden