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Spring 2023 Nuo Gu Wan small trees

Processed on April 3rd 2023

 Small tree leaves from Nuo Gu Wan Garden, Jingmai village

Compare this one to the regular Nuo Gu Wan tea, can you taste the difference?


Nuo Gu Wan is a garden located on Da Ping Zhang Plateau, it is part of the ancient tea forest, but its Northern edge has smaller trees than the rest of the garden, we decided to pick these separately. They are often considered 'old plantation' aka Lao Shengtai.

This batch is similar to the regular Nuo Gu Wan, it was harvested one day later, it's an opportunity to test the difference between small trees and medium ones from the same environment.

The yellow flakes are not sorted in this maocha.


nuo gu wan ancient garden location

nuo gu wan ancient tea garden