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Spring 2023 Weng Bo

Processed on April 18th 2023

Ancient tea garden leaves from Weng Bo Garden, Jingmai village

Weng Bo is located on a steep slope above Jingmai village. It is not part of the Da Ping Zhang plateau. Due to the slope, the forest litter is frequently washed away, as a consequence, this soil is poor in organic matter, this is what makes it different from what is growing on the plateau. The forest cover is heavy and the soil is sandy. The soil is not very fertile there, which means we don't get many leaves from this garden.

Thankfully, the forest cover helped this garden cope with the drought this year, and we managed to get 20kg of leaves from our own plot, this is not too bad for this year.


 Weng Bo garden, Jingmai Mountain


This tea has a lighter mouthfeel than the other gardens. It often displays an aggressive character with a punchy bitterness, but not so much this year. Instead, you'll get a heavy sweetness reminding of some mengku teas. It stands out from the other Jingmai teas, the soil difference and the low yield have a lot to do with it.