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Spring 2023 Zhu Tang


Spring 2023, big trees from a mountain close to Zhu Tang town

Soft texture, good mouthfeel and fragrance


Jingmai is the most famous mountain in Lancang county, yet, you can find tea in most of the hill villages in this area.

The tea maker we work with in Fa Zhan He also owns land in the mountains close to Zhu Tang, North of Lancang.


zhu tang


We paid a visit and found scattered large tea trees growing on what seems to be a calcareous soil, something quite rare in Southern Yunnan.

Let's give a first shot at this newly uncovered area.

The tea reminds of Lafu, another unknown area we sourced tea from in the past, not far from Lancang. It offers a medium-thick body, with a pleasant texture, similar to what you could get in Jinggu.